Causes of Water Damage

Water damage takes many forms and can hit even the most equipped business or home. Assorted water damage causes deserve different answers. Regardless of the origin or amount of water damage in your home, Paul Davis Emergency Services act quickly and effectively.

These are some of the most typical reasons for water damage:

Bad Weather

Long periods of rain will put any building’s integrity on trial. When storms become dangerous, water becomes a destructive element. Be it a flood, tornado, or blizzard, if water hits your property, it becomes a grave issue. No one can be prepared for a problem like this, but if issues occur, you can rely on Paul Davis.

Flooding in the Basement

Underground rooms attract lots of runoff water, be it from rain, roof damage, a broken sump pump, or any other source. It only takes a single break in the basement for water to invade. Paul Davis experts are highly trained to remove flooding from basements, clean and preserve your possessions, and dry everything fast to minimize damage. We don’t stop until we know that the job is done.

Problems from Sewage Spills

Sewage flooding is not only gross, it’s hazardous. Grey or black water contamination contains pathogens that may lead to serious illness. Backup caused by sewer blockages can be considered an emergency and be dealt with immediately. Qualified Paul Davis technicians evaluate and eliminate the damage from the backup and all stagnant water damage may have happened. Our tools and specialized training will eliminate the problem with safety and speed.

Busted Pipes & Appliance Leaks

If your sink, bathtub, water heater or other appliance breaks, the outcome can vary from bothersome to hazardous. Stagnant flooding on the floor can seep into tight spots, collecting in hard-to-reach places. You may cause floor damage and harbor a mold invasion. If your water damage starts from bathroom or kitchen overflow, you additionally risk spreading illnesses. Call a specialist investigate the area to avoid additional expenses later on.

Firefighting Runoff

It’s terrible enough for your property to take on fire damage, but it’s even worse to be left with water damage after the blaze. In the process of killing an indoor fire, your home or business may be left soaked. Such a surplus of severe damage can leave your space ruined. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the skills to remove all fire or water damage remaining.