Affordable Repair for Fire Damage in Birmingham, AL

Fires are devastating, but the repair process doesn’t have to be. Just like other areas, homes in Birmingham, AL often become prey to many types of damage – not only from smoke or fire, but from the water used to get rid of the fire too. We’re able to repair damage from fires, no matter their source. We can help you turn back time on your damaged house and change it to your home sweet home once more.

Professional Fire Damage Repair Across Birmingham, AL

Fire and smoke damage is expected after a home catches fire. Water damage from killing the fire can also be an influence in fire damage repair. When it comes to fires, repair companies have been trained to repair homes from a large variety of damage cases. When your residence has been harmed by smoke, we can professionally restore that as well.

As a result, Paul Davis works with each fire damage scenario individually. Personalized roadmaps and plans are made in adherence with every home’s specific damage and proceed with repairs in adherence with how much damage there is. No matter the source of your fire, we will follow some of (or all of) the following processes.

Evaluate the Level of Harm

A Paul Davis expert will check out the scenario, making a note of every factor. When making a clear roadmap, it’s very vital that each part of the damage is found. For instance, a hardwood floor which looks to be in good shape at first glimpse could actually be warped as a result of water damage, or fire may have deteriorated the infrastructure.

Building on top of issues like these would lessen house values and add to expenses later, and those costs are less likely to be paid by insurance companies. Our comprehensive review will make sure the repair work addresses all the damage quickly.

Section Off Dangerous Parts

The structure of your property can become compromised by the mixture of water and fire. To protect your home, our experts section off the areas that are safe from the unsafe parts of your home.

Pump Water and Dry the Area

Any remaining water has to be pumped as rapidly as possible, which can be particularly challenging during our cold winters. These residual areas can be an ideal home for mildew or mold growth which adds to further devastation. Our experts will rapidly get the water out and move on to completely drying all areas immediately so that rot doesn’t have time to take over.

Remove Smoke and Soot Residue

At the point that the excess water has been pumped, our professionals clean surfaces around your home such as floors, ceilings and floors. This includes the distribution of air-sanitizing technology to abolish remaining odor from smoke that most home fires leave in their wake.

Life After Fire Damage Cleanup

As soon as the cleaning and sanitization has been completed, our professionals start the damage construction work. We’re able to remodel and restore even the most difficult types of damage from fires. Our well-trained professionals are skilled in a wide variety of tasks, which include drywall replacement, carpet installation and even large building projects.

Birmingham, AL Fire Damage Repair Estimates

The sooner a certified Birmingham, AL, professional investigates the fire damage at your home, the easier and more painless the repair will be. Call Paul Davis without delay so we can start a repair roadmap. We work with your insurance provider, make payment easy, and assist you in putting your life back together!